Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds


Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds are not doing a good job of disproving those "bromance" claims...

The hunky duo have been promoting their upcoming movie together, Life, all the while giving us some hilarious moments and warming our hearts with their friendship. But before you go on thinking this is Hollywood's newest and cutest "bromance," Gyllenhaal has already shut down those claims during his visit on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon earlier this week.

They're just two, male adults who enjoy each other's company, OK?! Just check out their latest skit...

The actors teamed up with Wired and answered Google's most searched questions about them, and as you'd assume, things got pretty weird and pretty funny.

For example, one of the burning questions is, of course, whether Reynolds is related to Ryan Gosling. Though Gyllenhaal made up an elaborate story about how the two are twins and tried to eat each other in the womb before making it big in Hollywood, let's just stop the speculation here: they're not related. The end.

Things got weirder with questions like: Is Ryan Reynolds missing a tooth? What time was Jake Gyllenhaal born, and does Ryan Reynolds wear eyeliner?

If you're sitting here wondering who the hell is asking questions like this, we're in the same boat. If you're one of the people who are curious about the answers to said questions, we are also in the same boat.

Reynolds has no missing teeth. Gyllenhaal was born early in the morning, and we're still not sure if Blake Lively's hubby wears eyeliner (he claims he does not, but his co-star promises he does).

If you're curious about other questions—like whether Gyllenhaal can kiss or if Reynolds would publicly release his phone number—watch the full, giggle-inducing video above.

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