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This is pretty cool, you guys. One Redditor pointed us to a website that can show us how popular your name has been over time in the United States. The website called Braid, lists the number of baby boys and girls that share the name you typed in at the top of the page. For example, did you know 212 baby girls were named Madonna in 1955? In 1958, when the singer with the same name was born, the Madonna naming trend was still going strong. 

When we typed in her name, the graph showed a spike in Madonna's again in 1985, around the time the singer was making her mark in the music world. Coincidence? We have to wonder. We typed in a bunch of your favorite one-named celebs (the graph only allows you to search one name at a time) and found out some interesting information according to the websites graphs. Could it be that big stars like and Beyoncé are the reason these names have become popular over time? Pretty fascinating! 

Beyonce, Super Bowl, 2013

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1. Beyonce. According to the graph, in 2001, there was a huge spike in the name for baby girls named Beyonce. Could it be that the one and only Queen Bey is responsible for starting this naming trend? We wouldn't put it past her. She is capable of anything.  

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2. Prince. The graph shows results ranging from the year 1940 to 2014. During this time, the name Prince has been steadily popular for baby boys. For ladies, however, the name was most popular between the '40s and '60s, peaking in 1947. Interesting! The Prince we all know and love was one of only 55 babies born with that name according to the graph. Compare that with 2014, where a whopping 748 baby boys were given the same name.  

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3. Adele. The name Adele peaked in 2012, with 564 baby girls being born with that name. It dates all the way back to the '40s on the graph, peaking another time in the early '50s. The singers name was not very popular during the time she was born, but it's interesting that right around the time her career started taking off, so did the increase in that baby name. Get it, girl! 


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4. Drake. Drake as a baby boy's name peaked in 2010 with a smashing 1,871 baby boys being born into that name. Funny how the name stayed consistently high between the time Drake's career started blowing up, don't you think? Fun fact: Drake as a girl's name has enjoyed small popularity as well between the years of 1994-2010. 


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5. Usher. Last but not least. Cool to know that his name has actually been on the map for many years, appearing on the graph as early as 1949. Since then, Usher as a boy's name peaked in 2012, with 59 babies being born into that name. Perhaps those Usher fans have still really got it bad? Get it? Kay. 

What did the graph say about your name? Try it out and tell us your results in the comments! 

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