Daytime TV Hosts We Miss

Some people can't start their day until they have coffee. Others simply need their daytime TV.

Today marks National TV talk show host day making it more than appropriate to celebrate and acknowledge the biggest stars this season like Wendy Williams, Ellen DeGeneres, Steve Harvey and Meredith Vieira.

But on such an important holiday, we're switching things up and recalling the women (and men) who left our small screens just a little bit sooner than we had hoped.

Perhaps you yearn for an a-ha moment from Oprah Winfrey. Some may wish Martha Stewart could make one final recipe for their dinner. Or maybe you just want to chant "Go Ricki" one last time in the privacy of your family room.

Whatever the case may be, we're taking a look at 10 talk show hosts and their respective shows no longer on the air. Please know that you are missed, and certainly not forgotten.

Daytime TV Hosts We Miss, Oprah Winfrey

1. Oprah Winfrey

While we love our Super Soul Sundays and surprise appearances from O on the Oprah Winfrey Network, it's just not equivalent to all the a-ha moments we experienced day after day on her talk show. Book clubs and Christmas (with her favorite things episode, duh!) is never the same and who in daytime today could sell out the United Center for their final shows? To this day, we still have hope that Oprah's Wildest Dreams Bus will roll up to our house. And yes, we're still trying to obey her No Phone Zone pledge.

Daytime TV Hosts We Miss, Rosie O?Donnell

2. Rosie O'Donnell

Long before creating waves on The View, Rosie had her own solo show that was must-see TV after school. The A-list guests, "Kids Are Punny" segment and Broadway performances kept fans coming back for six seasons. And who can forget that longstanding joke that Rosie had a huge crush on Tom Cruise. If only he jumped for joy on her couch.

3. Bethenny Frankel

Calling all my girls, it's getting oh-so real! Bethenny was able to accomplish what so many Real Housewives could only dream of—yes, she got her own talk show. While it didn't last as long as some had hoped, we were finally able to get answers from Martha Stewart about why she didn't pick Bethenny on The Apprentice. Plus, she went to battle with Omarosa. That catfight was not by Bravo.

Daytime TV Hosts We Miss, Ricki Lake

4. Ricki Lake

For 11 successful seasons, Ricki would specialize in sensationalist topics and incorporate her enthusiastic audience into any topic. Speaking to her Generation X fans was her beat as she discussed relationships, LGBT issues, parenting skills and other important themes. And if there's one thing we learned along the way, guests should never lie about their truths. If so, you may just hear the doorbell ring. Go Ricki! Go Ricki!

5. Tyra Banks

Don't get us wrong, we're more than thrilled to have the supermodel sitting next to Chrissy Teigen this fall on the FABLife. However, we'd be lying if we didn't miss the unpredictable Tyra Banks Show. Whether it was episodes dedicated to mama's boys, plastic surgery or questionable teenage behavior, there was something for everyone each and every day. Plus, how can anyone forget Tyra dressing up in a fat suit or telling us to "kiss my fat ass!"

Daytime TV Hosts We Miss, Montel Williams

6. Montel Williams

Towards the end of Montel's 17-year run in daytime, viewers could count on aspirational topics on many Montel Williams Show episodes. From finding lost loved ones to reuniting adopted children with their birth parents, the show was able to go really deep, really quick. But perhaps most viewers will remember this talk show for the beloved Sylvia Browne. When it was Wednesday, you knew it was time for this psychic to do her thing.

Daytime TV Hosts We Miss, Martha Stewart

7. Martha Stewart

Just admit it celebrities: Anything you can do, Martha can do better. Throughout her self-titled talk show, the lifestyle expert would tend to show off her skills in the home, garden or kitchen leaving her guests struggling to keep up. "Every time I come here, you lower the level of food we make. I like that," Seth Meyers once joked. "Next time, it's like ham sandwiches." But along the way, viewers really did end up learning something. Thank goodness she's still visiting Today on a regular basis.

Daytime TV Hosts We Miss, Sally Jesse Raphael

8. Sally Jessy Raphael

The Emmy-award winner kept audiences glued to their TVs from 1985 to 2002 for many reasons—and we're not just talking about those oversized eye glasses. From her "Look at Me Now" segments to her wild audience, there was a whole lot to love about Sally for 15 plus years. 

Daytime TV Hosts We Miss, The Other Half

9. The Men of The Other Half

Long before the ladies of The Real or The Talk had a show, there was a group of men who were always ready to dish in the afternoon. Hosts Mario Lopez, Danny Bonaduce, Dick Clark and Dorian Gregory had the perfect chemistry to tackle a wide variety of topics. With so many ladies yacking, it was a nice change to enjoy the view from the other half…literally.

Daytime TV Hosts We Miss, Bonnie Hunt

10. Bonnie Hunt

In a time where the Chicago Cubs finally made the playoffs, we can't help but wonder "What Would Bonnie Do" if she still had her talk show. She may not have been controversial, but Bonnie's humor, family stories and homey set was so comfortable for an afternoon sit-down. Plus, we miss our advice from Bonnie's beloved mom Alice Hunt.

Honorable Mentions go to Jenny Jones and Megan Mullally. We love you too, ladies.

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