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Is Susan Boyle ready to take a gamble on a new career?

E! News has learned exclusively that the "I Dreamed a Dream" singer recently stopped by an Edinburgh-area location of the U.K. betting company Ladbrokes to inquiry about a help wanted sign.

"Susan Boyle entered a shop and made an inquiry about applying for a job," Ladbrokes Public Information Officer Alex Donohue tells E! News. "It was Thursday at the Blackburn store in Scotland near Edinburgh. It was in the afternoon."

"She saw a sign in the window and she came in the store and made an inquiry," he continued. "She asked how to apply. She spoke to the cashier and the store manager. They told her how to apply online and she thanked them and walked away. It was a very brief encounter. She was told to go to the website and apply."

The position that Boyle inquired about was a customer service assistant job for 16 hours per week. "It pays six pounds, 31 pence during training and six pounds, 45 pence after training," he said.

The cashier and a store manager who was also there at the time of Boyle's visit "were surprised she made an inquiry and they treated it with respect," Donohue added. "They said they were shocked when it happened. They didn't treat her any differently and it was a pleasant and courteous exchange."

Meanwhile, Jessica Bridge, a PR representative for Ladbrokes, tells E! News that Boyle hasn't yet applied for the position online. This also wouldn't be her first time applying for a job at Ladbrokes!

"Susan previously applied for a job with Ladbrokes before she found fame on Britain's Got Talent, it's well known that she loves going back home to Scotland and being part of the community so we can only assume this is why she would be interested and therefore turn her back on fame," Bridge said.

"We are yet to receive a formal application via the website as mentioned," Bridge adds. "She chatted with the manager for 5, 10 minutes, at first he thought she was taking the mickey [joking], but she was being 100 percent serious!"

Guess we'll have to wait and see if Boyle takes time off from singing for a more modest-paying gig!

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