There's something about Mary Harry. E! News has your exclusive sneak peek at Freeform's The Thing About Harry, its new Valentine's Day romcom starring Jake Borelli and Niko Terho.

The Thing About Harry follows high school enemies Harry (Terho) and the out-and-proud Sam (Borelli) who wind up stuck in the same car on the way to a friend's engagement party in their Missouri hometown. Because it's a romcom, things take a turn when Sam learns Harry has come out. When they end up sharing a night in a roadside motel, the two develop a friendship, but neither will admit there could be anything more there but friends. Will a road trip change everything for these two?

In the exclusive sneak peek above, Sam and Harry are out with friends, including Paul (Queer Eye star and Dancing With the Stars veteran Karamo Brown), for a trivia night and things get tense.

It all comes down to one question about art history. Paul is confident he knows the answer, it is his business after all, but Harry, well he's not so sure. He thinks it's John Singer Sargent for one very specific reason.

The Thing About Harry


"He also did a bunch of drawings of naked dudes. I stole a book about it from the library so I could whack off to it and sometimes after I was finished I would, you know, read it," Harry says in the preview above.

The trivia team is divided and it all comes down to Sam: Will he side with new friend (and maybe something more) Harry or Paul?

"Sam, are you serious right now? You truly think that this pair of shoulders knows more about art history than I do?" Paul asks.

Well, what is it, Sam?

The Thing About Harry, directed by Peter Paige, premieres Saturday, Feb. 15 at 8 p.m. on Freeform. Be sure to come back to E! News for more on Freeform's groundbreaking gay romcom.

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