Are they starting a family together?! 

Telli Swift has been looking for an engagement ring, but as it turns out, she could be getting a baby instead. On this week's episode of WAGS Atlanta, Telli surprises Deontay Wilder with some news—she might be pregnant! 

"I'm kind of nervous. I haven't been feeling good. My breasts have been hurting. My head hurts," Telli shares. "All the symptoms of me being pregnant." Of course, Deontay is only focused on one part of that sentence: "Your titties look the same size though." 

Telli isn't going to let him distract her from the task at hand. "Well, I got some tests so let me go ahead and take them," Telli says before heading to the bathroom to take some pregnancy tests. 

"Go on and take your fine ass in there and take that test. Then come back and tell me some good news," Deontay jokes. While they wait for the results, Deontay reassures his woman that babies are always a blessing. "Do you understand, this is a life-changing situation?" Telli asks him. 

"But you ready, baby. You can handle anything," Deontay tells her. "We been talking about this for a long time." At least one of them has. "I think you spoke it up," Telli jokes, before coming out of the bathroom with three pregnancy tests. Could she be pregnant with his baby?! 

See the shocking moment in the clip above! 

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