Hell hath no fury like women in New Orleans! 

On this week's episode of WAGS Atlanta, the ladies take a trip to New Orleans for a fun girl's weekend. While most of them are excited for a little getaway, Kesha Norman is thrilled to be spending a little time clearing her head since her break from C.J. Mosley

"This trip is good for me because I want to get my mind a little clearer from C.J. and I going to therapy and just take a break from thinking about our separation issues," Kesha expresses. "I just need a girls trip to clear my mind and focus on me."

Once the ladies are told that they're in the Lucifer room, Kaylin Jurrjens has some reservations. "Lucifer? As in the devil? I didn't even know they make places like this. This is a sin upon a sin," Kaylin says after the hostess tells them their room assignment. 

The minute they walk in, she's convinced that this is not good. "Okay, first of all, we got Illuminati s--t already," Kaylin jokes. Brandi Rhodes isn't afraid to take a spin around the pole provided in the room, however. "I'm just more concerned about that bacteria on there. You gonna catch something quick," Kaylin warns her.

It's not long before the ladies head to a different room that is more Kaylin's speed. "This is Christian Mingle headquarters," Sincerely remarks about the new room. Sounds like the perfect fit! 

Catch the hilarious moment in the clip above! 

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