It takes time for wounds to heal. 

It has been a rocky road for Kesha Norman and C.J. Mosley on WAGS Atlanta. The couple decided to take a little break after C.J. discovered that Kesha had planted a hidden camera in their home to spy on him. But, according to Kesha, there was trouble long before that. 

"The s--t that I've been through, I deserve every right to put that camera in. It wasn't about being petty, it wasn't about complaining," Kesha shared with Kierra Douglas. "It really was for me to know is my relationship where it needs to be right now."

Even though Kesha wants to trust C.J., he hasn't really given her a reason to. "When someone hurts you, they have to put the time in to help you get over that. He's never helped me to get over that," Kesha revealed. "He just keeps telling me, ‘This is it,' but I've never been able to trust, this is it."

Kesha isn't the only person who has problems with her and C.J.'s relationship. Niche Caldwell has some strong opinions about Kesha's situation. After discussing Kesha's relationship issues with Kierra, Niche has some strong words for her. 

"But you chose to have a baby with him. There's too much birth control out for you to say, 'Oh, this is an accident,'" Niche shares. Although Kierra tries to counter with the argument that it still can happen, Niche isn't buying it. "No. It's 2017. Pregnancy does not 'happen' anymore," Niche shared. 

Kierra Douglas, Harry Douglas, WAGS Atlanta 102


It didn't take long for word to get to Kesha that Niche insinuated she trapped her boyfriend with a baby. She's definitely mad about the suggestion. "Me and C.J. f--ked and we had a baby...I don't know what else you want me to tell you," Kesha shared with her. "I don't know how else you want me to differentiate my household from yours." 

Meanwhile, Kierra has some other relationship drama that she's dealing with. Her sister Ariel Anderson is looking for love, and according to Kierra and her hubby Harry Douglas, she is looking in all the wrong places. After Ariel informs her big sis that she's dating yet another professional athlete, the two agree to go on a double date. 

Kierra wouldn't be a great big sis unless she gave her date the fifth degree. "Do you attend church? Do you want kids? Do you smoke? Are you a big drinker? What kind of whip you drive?" Kierra asked Ariel's date Ray. If he thought that was difficult, Harry was even worse! 

"Have you ever had an STD?" he asked Ray outright. "As long as you're currently clean, then that's all that matters," Kierra joked. He assured the table that he was perfectly clean, so nothing to worry about. Seems like a keeper! 

Watch the recap video above for everything that happened on this week's episode! 

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