The guys of WAGS Atlanta are spilling the tea about their leading ladies.

In this clip from tonight's WAGS Atlanta, Andre Caldwell, C.J. Mosley and Deontay Wilder get together for a little guy talk and Andre is not afraid to ask the tough questions.

"When are you gonna put a ring on her finger?" Andre asked Deontay, who is dating Shuntel "Telli" Swift.

"Me and my girl in sync with each other. Even if we have a kid first, we're okay with that. But the marriage is gonna come. I really feel like she's the one for me," Deontay insisted.

C.J. Mosley, Deontay Wilder, Andre Caldwell, WAGS Atlanta


When C.J. was asked the same question, he sang a slightly different tune.

"Well, she want to be married and everything. And she real, but she hell too. She be on me boy. She breathing on my neck right now boy," C.J. revealed.

Trust has been a major issue in C.J. and Kesha Norman's relationship, with the NFL star even revealing that he deleted his Instagram account to keep the peace.

"I think she got the passwords to everything," C.J. chuckled.

Watch the guys dish about their love lives in the clip above.

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