Marcedes Lewis was just caught red-handed.

Olivia Pierson gets a big shock in this WAGS sneak peek clip when she randomly spots her boyfriend at a party in Los Angeles even though he's supposed to be in Jacksonville, Fla. training with his football team. Oh, and to make the situation worse, he didn't care to mention that he was in town!

"What the hell is going on?" Olivia says. "You are in the same city as me and you don't even pick up the phone? You have your phone attached to you. You don't think to shoot me a text like, 'Hey, I'm in L.A?' You better be surprising me right now because this is not OK."

"This is so shady!" Olivia tells Natalie Halcro. "Are you f--king kidding me?" She then decides to walk over and confront her man for his suspicious behavior. 

Check out the clip above to see his stunned reaction to the unexpected encounter!

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