Someone better explain themselves pronto!

Olivia Pierson is totally grossed out in this sneak peek from Sunday's all-new episode of WAGS when she finds—wait for it—a used condom in her kitchen trash can!

"Oh my god!" she exclaims as she pulls the rubber out of the bin. "What the hell is this?"

She immediately points the finger at Sophia Pierson and asks if the offending contraceptive is hers. "What the f--k?" Sophia emphatically responds, before denying the foul behavior. And if you're wondering, Natalie Halcro also claims she has nothing do with it.

WAGS 209


"Did I really just find a condom in my garbage?" Olivia wonders, still repulsed. "Eww, that is so disgusting! Are we at a frat house? This is my apartment we're talking about!"

So, who exactly is the condom culprit? Turns out, the mystery is still unsolved!

Watch the clip above!

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