Autumn Ajirotutu wants answers.

After Barbie Blank returns from her fabulous, dream wedding in Mexico, Autumn meets up with her to discuss why she was the only girl in the group not invited to the ceremony in this sneak peek clip from Sunday's all-new episode of WAGS.

When Barbie explains she made that decision because she wanted to avoid a fight during the festivities, Autumn is completely "taken aback."

"It's not about sticking up for yourself," Autumn responds. "It's about picking a time and a place and I can disclude myself from situations when I can see something's not going to be about the bride or people have an issue or people can't shut their f--king mouths for 10 seconds, I can remove myself from the situation. But yet, somehow you didn't call me to tell me that I wasn't invited to your wedding."

WAGS 207


"Well, I wasn't going to call you and tell you, 'No, you're not invited to my wedding!'" Barbie says.

But Autumn isn't backing down. "Well, everybody else seems to be getting an invite or a phone call," she continues. "I went and looked at wedding venues with you in Mexico, but it's just like you and Sasha Gates are all of a sudden so close."

Barbie then must defend her "close" relationship with Sasha, mentioning the fact that she planned her bridal shower and featured her in her music video. 

Check out the clip above to watch the confrontation go down!

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