Kristin Cavallari is more than just a reality mogul and business owner, she's an author too!

In this clip from Sunday's all-new Very Cavallari, Kristin gets some big news about her cookbook True Roots and her supportive husband Jay Cutler is right by her side.

"I'm nervous. I'm supposed to find out about The New York Times Best Sellers list," Kristin tells Jay.

"What if you don't make it?" the former football player asks. "I mean there's a possibility that I won't. I'm nervous," the mom of three worries.

No longer able to handle the suspense, Kristin calls her publisher Dervla to find out whether or not True Roots made the cut.

"Hi Kristin," Dervla chimes. "Hi! Do you have some good news for me?" A hopeful Kristin asks. "Congratulations! You made it really, really, high. You're number three," Dervla exclaims. "I would say it's the number one cookbook, yeah."

The good news comes after lots of hard work and Kristin is elated.

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"I couldn't be happier that I made The New York Times Best Sellers list and not only did I make it, but I'm so high on the list," Kristin gushes to the camera. 

Jay had so much confidence in his wife, that he had a little something planned in anticipation of the good news.

"I made you a cake," Jay reveals. "That's why you were nervous, 'cause if I didn't make it, you would've been like, 'Oh, this cake,'" a surprised Kristin says. 

"We were just gonna scratch out the 'congrats' and it was gonna be, 'Mommy number one,'" Jay jokes.

The red velvet cake was made sweeter by the help of some little hands.

"It is so sweet that Jay and the kids made me this cake," Kristin beams. "Jay brought it in. The kids did not come because we, of course, are choosing to not put them on camera, but they are really cute."

See Jay's super cute surprise for Kristin in the clip above.

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