If you want to date Kristin Cavallari's BFF Kelly you're going to have to go through Kristin first.

In this clip from Sunday's all-new Very Cavallari, Kristin invites Kelly and Matt the Canadian over for a double date before she officially gives him her stamp of approval and right away Matt and Jay Cutler hit it off.

"Matt, what do you do in old Canada?" Jay asks. "I'm actually back in school right now, for firefighting," Matt responds. "So how's it work up there?" the former football player inquires.

"It's like 24-hour shifts. You're probably working two every seven days," Matt explains. "A lot of guys will do something else. They'll do real estate, they'll do landscaping, kinda do your own gig. You gotta lotta time on your hands."

"I don't really do anything. It's kinda fun sometimes," Jay says. "I could definitely have fun doing nothing," Matt agrees.

Kelly, Very Cavallari 107

While the boys bond over their love of doing nothing, Kristin decides to get down to the nitty gritty. 

"So, what's happening here you two?" Kristin presses. "What are your intentions with my bestie over here?" "Wouldn't you like to know?" the charming Canadian jokes.

But what really wins the married couple over, is when Matt invites Jay to his cottage in Canada.

"I think the dinner is going well," Kristin tells the camera. "I mean I'm shocked at how nice Jay is being. This is not standard."

"It was like I really wanted him to like him and then he started to like him so much and it annoyed me," Kelly adds.

See the their double date in the clip above!

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