Drama, drama, dramaaaa.

Kristin Cavallari is forced to lay down the law in this clip from Sunday's all-new Very Cavallari. Following Shannon Ford and Reagan Agee's tiff at a party, the Uncommon James boss swoops in to settle the beef. However, The Hills alum has no problem with reminding Shannon who is boss!

"I just can't have cliques of girls being against each other," the mother of three explains to her social media director.

Noticeably frazzled, Shannon blames Reagan for Kristin "looking down on" her. "I don't think I should work here then if you distrust me that much," Shannon retorts during the sit down.

To make matters worse, Kristin also told a friend of Shannon's that the longtime Uncommon James employee isn't "the best reference" for a job.

"God, why do I work at a place where I constantly have to prove to people that I'm doing a good job?" Shannon inquires through tears.

In defense of the situation, Kristin reminds Shannon that they have had their issues in the past. Nonetheless, Shannon still feels Taylor Monaco wasn't hired due to their friendship. At this point, Kristin is more than fed up with the dramatics.

"Okay, so this is another reason why I can't have best friends working for me," Jay Cutler's wife notes. "Taylor was here for an interview and this has now turned into you sitting here crying to me."

Very Cavallari, Episode 104

"This is a business," the former MTV star further adds. "In no other business setting could this kind of drama go on and it would be okay."

Although Shannon thinks her character was attacked in Taylor's interview, Kristin believes her employee is just throwing a temper tantrum. "Once again, Shannon is extra and emotional," the Very Cavallari star concludes in a confessional.

Watch the dramatic conversation play out in the clip above!

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