Lana and Rusev have decided it's time to buy a new home together!

While there are a lot of things they do agree on, like a big house to share with their growing family, Lana soon finds that her husband is a bit more traditional than she would like him to be. 

"Rusev and I started house hunting. The first house, we pull up in a former Soviet Union village," Lana shared. "He loves this village home so much, because he loves tradition." That house may have been his preference but Lana is looking to go a little more modern, which does not bode well for the couple. 

"There is no yard though. You can't put any animals here. No chicken coop, no bull, no cows," Rusev complains upon seeing the backyard of the house. Lana is prepared for the reservations he has, because when it comes to Rusev, it's tradition all the way. 

"Once he's made his mind up that he doesn't like something, there is no convincing," Lana shares. But that's not going to stop her from at least trying! Sadly, all of her positive remarks weren't enough to convince him that this is a house they could settle in and even raise their future children. 

"Rusev is just being Rusev," Lana shared. "It's the wedding all over again." Lana wasn't the only one disappointed. The realtor sent them off with a little sass of her own. "I hope you find your mansion with cows," she joked while guiding them out.

Better luck next time! 

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