"It's because of me!"

Nikki Bella wants to get into the wine business on tonight's episode of Total Divas, but Brie Bella just isn't into the idea and thinks Nikki just wants to "keep up" with her boyfriend John Cena.

The sisters are visiting Napa Valley when Nikki brings up the idea to Brie, and in this clip from the episode, Brie tells Nikki exactly what she thinks about the idea.

"What I think is that, why you like filling up your plate and why you wanna keep doing more and more business is cause that's how John is," Brie tells Nikki. "All John wants to do is fill up his plate, even if it's so full he wants to make sure it's overflowing. But he gives zero extra time to someone who's here in Napa with me."

Total Divas, John Cena

Brie continues, "You wanna be John."

But Nikki tells her that's not true.

"I don't wanna be John! I'm so sick of you saying that!" Nikki replies. "Anything I ever wanna do business-wise you always think it's because of John or because of this. No, it's because of me."

Watch the Total Divas clip above to see the sisters argue!

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