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A scary incident left Maryse "shaking" on Total Divas.

On Wednesday's episode, Maryse's mom was staying at Maryse and The Miz's house while they were away working. She then FaceTimed Maryse and told her a man was trying to break into their house and Maryse could even see the man on security footage from her phone! Luckily, the man wasn't able to break in and Maryse's mom was able to call the police.

But as a result of the incident, Maryse was scared to stay alone while The Miz was away filming his new movie, The Marine 5. So even though he told her not to get a gun, she made the purchase anyway to make her feel more safe while she's home alone.

So how did The Miz react when she told him the news?

Take a look at the recap to find out and to see more shocking moments from this episode of Total Divas!

1. Man Attempts to Break Into Maryse & The Miz's House:

While Maryse and The Miz are thousands of miles away from their house in L.A., a man tries to break into their house.

Maryse's mom, who's watching their house, FaceTimes her and tells her what's going on and Maryse can actually see the man on security camera footage she has on her phone.

And even though the man doesn't make it into the house and Maryse's mom is able to call the police and the man disappears, Maryse is left "shaking" from the incident.

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2. Rusev Wants to Have a Wedding in Bulgaria:

Lana and Rusev are in the middle of planning their wedding, but they can't decide where they should have it. Lana wants the wedding to be in Malibu, where she's always dreamed of having her wedding. But Rusev and his mother would like to have a wedding in Bulgaria, where he is from and where his family still lives.

"Let's have a wedding in Bulgaria," Rusev says.

"Why?" Lana asks.

"Because my mom really wants a Bulgarian wedding," Rusev explains.

But, Lana isn't going to let that stop her from a having her dream wedding and doesn't agree to having the wedding in Bulgaria.

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3. The Miz Tells Maryse Not to Get a Gun:

After the scary break-in incident, Maryse brings up the idea of getting a gun while having dinner with The Miz and Paige, but The Miz isn't into the idea.

"Maybe at this point I should try to get a gun and put it in my bedroom," Maryse says. 

"Here's the problem with the gun," The Miz tells Maryse. "Say you do have a gun and a burglar comes in and you go to shoot him and he bats it away out of your hand, he gets it to you, boom shoots you."

Paige agrees and tells Maryse it's "too dangerous."

Maryse explains that she wouldn't even talk about getting a gun if she wasn't "seriously scared," and now that The Miz is going away she's considering it.

"I've been against it all my life," Maryse says.

"A gun is a last resort," The Miz tells Maryse. "Let's figure it out, we'll talk it over. Right"

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4. Renee Is Surprised When Nikki Arrives in Las Vegas:

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are visiting Renee Young and her boyfriend, WWE star Dean Ambrose, at their new house in Las Vegas when a surprise visitor arrives.

Shortly after Brie and Daniel show up to the house, Brie asks Renee if it's OK that Nikki Bella stays at the house too.

While Renee was prepared for Brie and Bryan to stay at the house, she wasn't expecting Nikki and rushes to the store to prepare a room for Nikki and make sure everything is "perfect."

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5. Lana & Rusev Have an Argument Over Their Wedding:

Tensions are running high about the wedding location and after Rusev tries to convince Lana's dad to have the wedding in Bulgaria, Lana confronts him.

"Why are you going and talking to my dad?" Lana asks. "Why are you convincing him these things? We already had this conversation."

"He's a grown man I don't have to convince him anything," Rusev replies. "Listen, it's all gonna be fine, you're just making a big deal out of it for no reason, it's gonna be fine."

Lana then brings up the fact that Rusev hasn't asked her dad for permission to marry her and explains her parents are very "traditional."

"So Bulgarian traditions that have gone for hundreds of years...that matters and this doesn't matter?" Lana asks. "You're a hypocrite, I'm not getting married in Bulgaria. Why should I respect your traditions and why should I respect your..."

Lana tries to have a serious conversation but Rusev starts joking around about his bicep and Lana gets upset.

"Clearly you're not taking any of this have no respect," Lana says as she leaves the room and slams the door.

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6. Nikki Checks Into a Hotel:

Renee has been running around trying to make sure everyone has the perfect time, but Nikki can sense that Renee wasn't expecting her, so she decides to check into a hotel. 

"Um, I got a hotel room," Nikki tells Renee. "I know, I felt like I was being inconvenient and it was all couples."

"You know you're always welcome to come literally anywhere," Renee replies.

But Nikki assures her that she'll be back for "morning coffee" but she'll probably go to sleep soon.

And after a "disaster" of an evening, Brie and Renee decide to go to Nikki's hotel and enjoy a relaxing day together.

7. Maryse Buys a Gun:

After visiting a gun range with Eva Marie, Maryse decides to buy a gun and a gun license. But then she has to tell The Miz, who already told her not to get a gun and who previously got upset after Maryse made purchases without telling him.

The Miz is away filming his new movie, so Maryse FaceTimes him and tells him the news.

"What was that?" The Miz asks.

He continues, "I thought we were gonna talk about more things. I thought we were gonna discuss this. Didn't you want to talk to me or say anything about it?"

"Well we did talk about it and you know I'm tired of feeling like a freaking victim in our own house," Maryse says.

But instead of getting upset, The Miz actually surprises Maryse and tells her he was actually looking into getting her a gun.

So even though Maryse made the decision on her own, The Miz admits that they're "kind of on the same page."

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8. Lana & Rusev Agree to Have Two Weddings:

After many discussions about the wedding, Lana and Rusev finally come to an agreement about where they'll have the wedding.

"So I have a really exciting announcement," Lana tells her family and Rusev's mom. "We decided that we're gonna have two weddings."

They'll have one wedding in Malibu like Lana wanted and one wedding in Bulgaria like Rusev and his mom wanted, which makes everybody extremely happy.

Watch a brand new episode of Total Divas Sundays at 6 p.m. on E!

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