Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes may make up two-thirds of the Three Amigas, but during a recent trip to Vegas, the two WWE Divas are anything but amigas!

In the above clip from tonight's episode of Total Divas, the two ladies are driving in the car to enjoy a girls' night out. But Alicia immediately becomes offended when Rosa brings up the topic of Alicia's ex-boyfriend, WWE Superstar Wade Barrett!

Total Divas

"I love Rosa to death and I know she's a great friend," Alicia reveals to the camera. "However it's kind of not her business. She's trying to play Dr. Fix-It and she's not even qualified for the job."

"He's never gonna be with you and you're gonna have to face him at work," Rosa points out. "So what then?"

"You know what, Ro?" Alicia snaps. "F*ck you!"

Watch the above clip to see the two Divas get into a full-on screaming match and tune-in to tonight's episode to see if Alicia is willing to risk her friendship with Rosa over her ex! 

Tune in to the brand new Total Divas tonight at 9/8c on E!

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