Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife, Brandi Glanville, made her debut on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tonight, and from the looks of it, all that "unwelcome mat" talk is true.

The gals don't seem to be too pleased with the fact that Brandi is chummy with Lisa Vanderpump's ex-BFF Cedric Martinez, and act on these feelings by criticizing Brandi's decision to wear heels while her foot's in a cast. The ladies have a point: She did cause that injury by wearing stilettos.

While Brandi and fellow newbie Dana Wilkey aren't considered "real" Housewives, the rookies have plenty to say about their castmates and sat down with E! News to exclusively dish on their claws-out catfights and what "craziness went down" that made Brandi pull her kids from the show...

Because of a controversial incident during filming, we won't see much of Brandi's two kids with Eddie Cibrian. Despite her ex-husband's opposition, Brandi says, she allowed her sons to be featured on the show—until some "craziness went down."

"Once something happened that I wasn't comfortable with," the mother of two reveals, "I pulled the plug."

"She didn't expect it to be a plot point," Dana adds mysteriously.

What will be addressed in the show is Brandi's "really hard, public divorce"—especially that experience helped her "bond immediately" with Camille Grammer, still reeling from her own failed marriage.

"I'm helping her through this really hard time," Brandi says. "It takes a long time—I'm still mourning it in a way...[My divorce] was a really dark place for me."

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Brandi partly blames her already-infamous clash with Kim and Kyle Richards—Kim calls Brandi a "slut pig" in one scene—on her lack of filter.

"I speak the truth and don't let anyone get away with anything," she says, adding, "I'm sure I'll have regrets because I do speak before I think."

Brandi and Dana also fought with each other—but took advantage of their interview with E! News to apologize. "I'm sorry I called you white trash," Dana tells Brandi, who responds: "I'm sorry I said you were annoying."

Whether the women will be upgraded to "real" Real Housewives remains to be seen. "Maybe they're testing us out, " Dana laughs.

Good thing they're realistic. If we know one thing about the Real Housewives franchise, they're not afraid to hand out pink slips.

Do you think Brandi and Dana will keep their jobs on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Do you think the ladies are right to be wary of Brandi, or should they give her a break? Sound off in the comments!

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