Don't mess with mama Bella! 

The Bella Twins disrespected their mom big time on this week's episode of Total Bellas, and she was not afraid to put her foot down. Nikki Bella and Brie Bella have very successful careers but when it comes to business advice, they never want their mom's help. 

"I have a gift for you," Kathy Colace, Brie and Nikki's mom, tells Daniel Bryan. "I want you to read this book. This is like one of the best business books I've ever read." 

A grateful Bryan reached up to give Kathy a hug while Brie checked out the book for herself, which upset Kathy. "Let me see," Brie said. "No, you won't read it. Don't," Kathy said before attempting to snatch the book away from her daughter. 

Kathy Colace, Total Bellas 205


"Here's the thing, everything I bring up to the twins they don't even care about," Kathy revealed. "But Bryan you read that book and tell me just what you think." The sisters wanted to defend themselves and give reasoning behind ignoring their mom's advice. 

"When it comes to business, there's other business mentors we do have," Brie shared. "I go more to John, because in my industry John is the most successful person in that industry—I want to pick that guys brain," Nikki added 

"Do you know that John has asked me more questions about my business than you have," Kathy shared. "Yeah because I'll admit I'm not interested in your business," Nikki shared. "I'm not interested in recruiting." 

Although Kathy is fired up, the Bella twins' brother is not afraid to come to their defense."They did bring you in to help them out," J.J. Garcia shared. "So don't get upset that they don't come to you all the time." 

"But do you know how many f--king mistakes they make and I'm like..." Kathy started before being shushed. "Oh f--k all you guys. I'm going to bed. F--k you all. Because nothing has ever been good enough for you guys." 

Watch the tense moment go down in the clip above! 

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