Nikki Bella needs girl talk STAT…but is Brie Bella up for it at 12:46 in the morning?

In this clip from Sunday's all-new Total Bellas, the single Bella Twin heads to her sister's home after an eventful date with The Bachelorette's Peter Kraus. While Birdie Danielson's mom is eager to hear about Nikki's outing, she isn't thrilled that the recap is happening after midnight.

"Well, how was your date?" the mother of one asks her sister. "I mean, you woke me up. You're in my house."

Although Nikki informs Brie that her date "was great," the wrestling maven is clearly unimpressed with the lack of specifics. As you may recall, Brie is the one who set Nikki up with the Bachelor nation veteran.

After seemingly sensing Brie's frustration, Nikki notes she's "gonna head out."

"Nicole! You literally just woke me up," Brie defends as her sister gets up to leave.

As to not pick a fight with Brie, Nikki encourages the mother of one to "go back to sleep." Nonetheless, the single wrestler is somewhat sad when she can't gab with her twin.

"I'm kind of disappointed right now," John Cena's ex shares in a confessional. "I just wanted to talk to my sister about the date, to tell her how it went, but Brie doesn't want to talk to me."

Understandably, Nikki feels "awkward" and decides it's best to just head to bed.

"It's a little bit of a buzzkill," Nikki concludes later on. "I'm not gonna lie."

Watch the awkward post-date meet-up go down in the clip above!

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