Well, this is one nutty mash-up. 

Jimmy Fallon channeled his inner teenager for a unique sketch on The Tonight Show Tuesday. Inspired by the hit comic-turned-TV series, Riverdale, the late-night host turned to another set of classic comic strip characters, the Peanuts, to round out his new parody. 

Set in a "safe, decent, innocent" small town, the comedian and his co-stars bring the Peanuts to life in the world of Riverdale. With Linus' mysterious death in the pumpkin patch, Charlie Brown (Fallon) and his teacher's secret affair and trouble between him and Linus' sister, Lucy, the sketch's main star is having a hard time coping. However, Franklin (Questlove) soon arrives to deliver some much-needed wisdom. 

"Moping around about Linus won't bring him back," he advised. "You gotta keep living your life, man."

Jimmy Fallon, Peanuts, Riverdale


With a fall formal on the evening's agenda, it was soon time for the teens to hit the dance floor—Peanuts style. With the show's signature theme song playing, the pack of friends busted out some interesting moves. 

Of course, the real stars of RiverdaleKJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch and Cole Sprouse—took notice. "Is that like dancing?" Petsch asked sarcastically—as expected.  

Check out the clip above to see the sketch for yourself!

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