Is Leslie Jones a liar or is she honest?

That's what Dr. Phil had to determine Wednesday night on The Tonight Show. The Saturday Night Live star, daytime talk show host and late-night host gathered together to play "Truth or Lie" because Dr. Phil had proven himself to be quite the lie detector. To see if he was really up to snuff, Fallon enlisted Jones to try and stump Dr. Phil.

She accepted the challenge without hesitating. "I got chased through a drive-thru by a car," she said, taking a pause. "On a date."

Giving her a blank stare, Dr. Phil responded, "You got chased through a a car...on a date?"

Leslie Jones, Dr. Phil, The Tonight Show


"On a date," Jones repeated, further emphasizing the horror of the (maybe true) situation.

"What kind of drive-thru?" Dr. Phil inquired.

She informed him it was a McDonald's and even listed her food order, which she had placed prior to the chase. "I ordered a sundae with no nuts because he wanted to hit me with his," she said, deadpan. 

Upon hearing that Fallon casually walked off the set. As the audience burst out into laughter and applause, Fallon waved goodbye, threw away his paper and exited before making a swift return to his guests. "Sorry. Sorry to interrupt," he said. "Where were we?"

Trying to figure out if Jones completely made up that story! To find out if she was telling the truth or lying, watch the hilarious video.

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