Kobe Bryant, The Tonight Show

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Kobe Bryant: basketball all-star, sneaker designer, father...slam poet? 

Turns out the retired shooting guard had a whole other talent hiding up his sleeve. Fortunately, he decided to put his flair for rhyming to good use on The Tonight Show, where he performed a slam poem all about—you would have never guessed—Steve Urkel

The verse was a tribute to the iconic high-pitched nerd of Family Matters and his alter ego, Stefan.

"Transformation Urkel to Urquelle, suspenders to lapels," Bryant began, donning a simple black turtleneck and standing in the dark with a single spotlight. "From nerdy Steve—got any cheese?—so puny and week. A metamorphosis from geek to fleek." 

Bryant was just getting started. "From naughty to hottie, different person same body. Using science and playing God, he became an Adonis. A charming disarmer with style and confidence. With a pull of a lever like the wave of a wand, he enters a nerd, but now he emerges Stefan."

Kobe, have you been spending your spare time at open mic nights?

While that's still to be determined, the court star does have some more free time since he ended his days with the Los Angeles Lakers. Now, his only time by the court is when he's giving tips to his daughters, who are learning the game. However, they aren't exactly asking for advice. 

"I'm like, 'Maybe you should shoot like this a little bit,'" he described. "They're like, 'I got this.' I'm like, 'Dude! Seriously?'"


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