Emma Stone, Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show


Emma Stone and Jimmy Fallon couldn't contain their laughter Thursday night while playing the singing whisper challenge on The Tonight Show.

Ahead of Stone's movie musical release La La Land, the star and late-night host put both their impression and vocal skills to the test. While one wore noise-cancelling headphones, the other had to sing famous songs. First up, Fallon had to sing Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the U.S.A."

Fallon began by singing the first few lines of the song, but a stumped Stone couldn't figure it out. "Whatever you're doing looks inappropriate," she screams, hardly containing her laughter while not realizing how loud she is with the headphones on.

Unable to get Stone to figure out that he's singing the Springsteen classic, Fallon started to simulate giving birth and holding babies. When that wasn't enough, he started to rock out on top of his chair while playing air guitar.

"'Born in the U.S.A.!" Stone shrieked. "It looked like pork in the desert."

Next, Stone had to sing Britney Spears' song "Hit Me Baby One More Time." The Oscar nominee threw herself into her short performance, shimmying on her chair and wearing a seductive look on her face. "What you're saying is inappropriate," Fallon commented. 

Thanks to Stone's impressive impersonation, Fallon figured out her song in no time. Fallon then had to sing Elvis Presley's "I'll Have a Blue Christmas Without You." Once again giving his best impression of the King, Fallon sang with Elvis' signature deep vocals. Unfortunately, Stone couldn't figure it out until Fallon gave it a goofy spin.

The duo had time for one more, so Stone was assigned "Baby Got Back," but had to sing the lyrics, "I like big butts and I cannot lie."

Once again Stone gave it her all and shimmied her booty on top of a chair. Watch the hilarious video!

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