She falls. She eats French fries. She pulls hilarious stunts like photobombing Taylor Swift and jokingly posing as if she's stealing an Oscar out of the hands of fellow nominee Lupita Nyong-o. And it's so refreshing to feel like there's a real person out there on that red carpet, representing people like you and me, right?? At this point we feel like she could wrap her arms around us like old buddies and be like, "Guys, seriously, I'm not even wearing deodorant right now."  Yet there seems to be an almost palpable expiration date on this seemingly unique brand of friendliness. We can all feel it, because we're all best friends. We've gone down this road before, and it's taken a serious turn. Let's just come out and say it...we fear that this sweetheart thermometer is rapidly increasing in temperature...almost into Anne Hathaway terrain.


Sweetheart Thermometer

By the way, we love Anne Hathaway. We used to be really good friends. (We take an unprecedented lick of your ice cream cone, then adorably hiccup.)

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