Divorce is a hard fact of life that many families have to come to terms with. Luckily there are books available to help explain the situation to kids. Books like Daddy Doesn't Live Here Anymore.


If you ask us, the cover of this book raises a lot of questions. Here are some things you may want to be prepared to address if you get Daddy Doesn't Live Here Anymore for your kids.

Q) Is daddy a drinker? Because he kinda looks like a drinker.

A) Yes. He calls it "Daddy's secret night hobby".

Q) Is that dog the most shocked or what?

A) Yes. He thought Mommy was bluffing with the divorce papers.

Q) How is Mommy totally cool with what's happening?

A) She's already getting some strange on the side. It's why Daddy drinks.

Q) How did Daddy fit all his sh*t into that one suitcase?

A) Magic.

Q) How come Daddy didn't use that magic to save his marriage?

A) Go to bed.

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