Jonathan Budd is co-founder of a company called Rippln and here's what you need to know about him. 1) Many people believe the corporate model of his company is basically an updated version of a good old fashion pyramid scheme. Nice! 2) He wants to sell you on an item called The Martian Smartwatch. 3) He's 100% dude bro to the max. 4) Dude owns a lionfish.


Now, here's Jonathan to tell you more about this amazing opportunity to own your very own genuine smartphone watch (peripheral).

Now that you've seen his pitch, here are some handy dos and don'ts for the Martian Smartwatch.

DO ask Siri questions through your smartphone watch

DON'T forget to politely end each interaction with her. She will consider the conversation ongoing until you do.

DO use your smartphone watch to dictate texts while driving.

DON'T think about the fact that Jonathan actually makes this method of texting while driving look like 100 times more dangerous than simply doing it through your phone.

DO make sure your actual phone is within Bluetooth range of your watch.

DON'T be surprised if that sh*t doesn't work without a connection to an actual smartphone. Because it's not a's a watch...that's a smartphone peripheral.

DO use the word bro A LOT while talking to your bros.

DON'T forget to feed your lionfish. That thing is super sweet.

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