It was an exciting moment for me when no one at this morning's web meeting showed any resistance to any my idea of posting the best music video of all time. Quick shoutout to my supervisor who's in Tahiti working on his book of Kitchen Life Hacks! As you'll soon realize by clicking on the triangle below, MC Hammer's video for Addams Groove is that special place where gravestones find glamour, and there's absolutely no reason I shouldn't break it down.

So right now you're probably scratching your decapitated head, wondering why MC Hammer is strapped to a torture wheel. Well, my friend, as you might have gathered, the Addams family does what they want to do and says what they want to say. At one point they even waved a microphone in front of his face and said, "You can't touch this," and then, "How does that feel, STANLEY??"


"And for this evening's entree, we'll be serving..." MC HAMMER?? At this point, he's been placed in a guillotine, strapped to a wheel, and now he's being served with garlic green beans. The only thing they spared MC Hammer in this video was his life. Not many people know that.


Black Smock Only? Sorry, Uncle Fester, but Hammer just picked up his shoulderpadded jacket back from the drycleaners. This scene really asserts Hammer's individuality. It's that special moment when he, almost as if he were a real Addams, does what he wants, too.


Music and sign language? NO. But MC Hammer never misses an opportunity to drop the signature hand signal for 2 Legit 2 Quit...and you have to applaud him for that--with the idle hand, of course.



"Ohhh Mortitia." "Ohhh Gomez!" "Ohhh Mc Hammer!" It's like someone's been reading my fan fiction.


Sorry I didn't put anything about Lurch in this article. I've just always felt his character to be really uninteresting.


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