Before you bolt out the door to find Bigfoot, or even a man who's clearly carrying a stack of black blankets, pause to enjoy this lavish spread of the finest links of the week.


Nothing says government shutdown like all your favorite Senators in their best barely-there looks.

This Halloween, don't just be another Miley. Try being an equally annoying Kardashian instead.

Why should Kim and Kanye worry about leaving North West with her Grandma? No reason at all.

Justin Bieber's plastic squishy sneakers obviously don't have much arch support.

Everyone loves Alec Trebek. Right? The correct answer is NO.

Everyone loves Alec Baldwin, though. Especially when he wears Lululemons.

Why don't you take Steven Tyler to the other siiiiide of Chipotle's new sofritas?

And finally, goodbye Breaking Bad. Hopefully this spoils your withdrawal.


Sinead O'Connor's open letter to Miley Cyrus spread like wildfire, and she didn't even have to take her clothes off. Oh wait...actually she did.

Enter the Nightmares Fear Factory...IF YOU DARE, AND ALSO LIKE PHOTO GALLERIES!

Britney's video for Work Bitch came out. It lacked both clothing and a comma.


And here's what you missed this week on The Soup:

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