Before you take your first steps into your local Halloween Headquarters, take a moment to stroll through the most becoming links of the week.


Start your weekend tailgating party early with our NFL gif recap.

Why weren't more people talking about what Steve Buscemi wore to the Emmy's??  Also, isn't it high time the Emmy's committee installed an escalator? We contacted the producer of the Emmy's to find out more.

We're one hundred percent sure Miley's about to get a tattoo of But not until after she's done getting Twerked in the face.

For Super Throwback Thursday, we threw you MadballsWinnebago Man,  the trailer for Stunt Rock, and this striking rendition of the theme from Star Wars.

Then at nine, we joined Sabrina Rodriguez and a pervy, murdery-eyed primate. 

Miley Cyrus? More like Miley BUYthis. Am I right, everyone who's noticed the heavy-handed product placement in her music videos?


You see a painted sign on the side of the road that says "Fifteen miles to the glooooove rack!

Don't you just love Dallas in the fall? So do hoards of baby spiders.

Dance like no one's watching--but, you know, not in a way that makes everyone watch you.



And here's what you missed on this week's episode of The Soup:

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