It seems like only yesterday that Miley's journey into teddy bear-themed adulthood began. And she's still going--90 side-tongues, 400 twerkings, and one sexually satisfied sledgehammer later. In her new video, 23, Miley managed to out-disturb us all--and not just by rapping in a Bulls dress from Wet Seal. She accomplished this by incorporating an entire commercial for Jordans. See if you can spot it.

I know your first instinct is to blame Juicy J, but don't. There's nothing wrong with a 37-year old who likes to hang out at high schools. Plus, upon further investigation, we learned that almost every Miley video has this exact same type of blatant product placement.

Here are more examples of Miley Cyrus videos where she most definitely had a sponsor:

Need a used trampoline? Miley wants you to head on out to Rancho Cucamonga, right off the CA-210 Freeway.


Miley brought much-needed class to Steinway & Sons.


Miley made avenging death sexy!



Party In The USA? Yes, the Republican Party. The butterflies fly away, but Dick Cheney remains in his wheelchair.


This one's pretty inconspicuous, but still, we caught it...


In an attempt to compile the product placements above, we had to dodge the ACTUAL strategic placement of all of these products:  Beats By Dre, Mercedes, HP Printers, HP Digital Cameras, HP Televisions, EOS Chapsticks...and, of course, Hank's Wrecking Balls. 

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