Empowerment anthems come in many forms, but generally speaking their message is the same. It doesn't matter who you are, if you believe in yourself and realize that you're strong on the inside you can pull yourself up and overcome the odds. Even more rare, however, are empowerment anthems that choose to focus not on what you should do but on what you shouldn't do. Such is the case with Patricia Lee's You Don't Have to Be a Ho No 'Mo.

Posted to Youtube, this video has two clear themes. 1) Purple and 2) You and how you don't have to be a ho any longer. Who's the "you" Patricia is referring to you ask? I'd like to think that regardless of sex, race, or religious affiliation the "you" in the song is all of us.

Yes, at times the message gets a bit...lost...in the delivery but it's a good one none the less which will speak to you particularly if you are currently a ho or thinking of entering a ho lifestyle.

Thanks to Facebooker Krystal Yume Francis for the heads up on this. Rest assured, Krystal, we've already begun practicing what the song preaches.

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