Working at a fast food place was different back in the 80's. Styrofoam was still a totally tubular way to keep food hot. On smoke breaks, you gave yourself real cancer instead of this newfangled "E-cancer" everyone is doing now. And restaurants knew that the best way to get employees to do something wasn't to simply tell them to do it; it was to trick them into doing it by creating embarrassing training videos because minimum wages earners won't understand anything unless they have to cringe their way through a song about something terrible they have to do every day. Hahahah, oh corporate people.

Today's #TBT harkens back to that simpler time. A time when McDonald's employees were urged to keep their establishments clean via this song. Clean It, a Beat It knock-off performed by a Michael Jackson...ish impersonator features a McDonald's staff dance-cleaning the holy hell out of their location in a video that's so 80's it's going to leave Pac-man shaped stains on your screen.  

Man, their Michael is singing real hard. I mean, he's really going for it.

Good for him.

Please rewind this post before removing from machine.

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