Whambulance Wednesday Soup

Every week we look forward to the time when we can dismount from our hamster wheels, soak some newspaper shavings in urine, and kick back  while reading your Facebook comments. This week the user comment that most dignified a response was this truly dismayed critique of our Papal Magazine cover:

Whambulance Papal

Dear Mike,

We can see you shaking your head at us and pointing to the puddle we made in the corner. We failed to provide the factual accuracy and attention to detail that you've come to expect from The Soup, and for that we apologize. We're sorry we let you down.

But just one question, real quick. Have you met us? Like, have you seen the show before? The reason we ask is, you seem to be holding us to a certain standard of excellence that would indicate a lack of familiarity with what we do here. Our entire existence revolves around reality show clips, including but not limited to the following: people getting drunk and falling down, people getting drunk and getting tattoos, people getting drunk and contracting STDs, goats that sound like people, goats that sound like people getting drunk and contracting STDs, etc. Throw in the occasional cat meme and some fart sounds, and you've pretty much got it covered. So while we appreciate that you expected more to us, I guess our answer is, "Why?"

Stick around. We have some truly terrible tattoos coming up later this week.

Love, The Soup

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