Whambulance Wednesday Soup

Some of the feedback left in our comments sections can be highly specific and even helpful to us, in trying to build a better, brighter future, one provocative GIF at a time. Just as often, though, we get brute force critiques, like this precious little spurt of vitriol from life-long fan of the show, Lindra del Rufio:

Whambulance Comment 1

We appreciate your honesty Lendira but the fact of the matter is---hold on a sec. Someone else appears to have commented on your comment.

Whambulance Comment 2

We were going to go take the high road on this one Dalinde but Mr. Park raises some valid points. The BlackBerry burn might've been unnecessary, though. Sure they're antiquated and all but obsolete but we understand that mashing out angry messages to strangers on a physical keyboard is a million times more gratifying. That touchscreen bullish*t doesn't even come close.

It's also nice to know your loyalty to their brand is equal in intensity to the pure, white-hot hatred you hold for ours. We're just glad that something in this life brings you joy, Ms. Runyon.

Many happy returns and good luck with all your future tirades/angry impulses!

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