Undoubtedly, your first instinct on a Friday is to race home and DVR DeGrassi: The Next Generation, but isn't it kind of nice to linger in your office when everyone's gone and it's just you googling, "How can I beautify my inner sanctuary?" under the steady thrum of fluorescent lights?

We understand you have a busy life, but just trust us here. Take a moment to turn off your mind, sit with a straight spine, and allow your knees to drop like unforeseen toilet babies. And now, with the week behind you, count back from ten and repeat, "You are the only blog that will ever love me. I do not deserve any better."

Sad Pope


No pants sag low enough to contain Justin Bieber's birthday tears. Surely, no one has EVER had it worse!

Seduction can be deceptive. Is there horsemeat in your blow jobs?

Rihanna beat all of our thong shots to the punch.

You wanted to play hard ball? Sorry, we sprained our ovaries.

We're not splitting zygotes; there really is a superior Lohan.

Sometimes the mineral deposits you're looking for were in Shia LaBeouf's greasy hair all along.

Joe Francis finally released his girls back in to the Wild.

 Lyrics and gurgly noises escaped American Idol's Zoanette Johnson.

Two GIFs, both alike in lack of dignity, and neither pertaining to Romeo and Juliet.

In the end, don't we all want some Papal Regalia to cry on?

Grumpy Grandma



Get your hand off Grandma's shoulder. She specifically said, NO GRAVY.

How do you like Joy Behar now that she's ABANDONED The View?! GOOD LUCK, JOY.

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