Here's what you missed while you were enjoying the widespread overuse of the word "snub" this week. If we don't mention a post here, don't worry, it's not a… deliberate oversight.

Honest Movie Posters

From The Soup TV:

Honest titles for Oscar-nominated movies – if we're being honest, you probably weren't going to watch them anyway.

Honey Boo Boo's Mama, June, dressed up as Marilyn Monroe. Once the nausea subsided, we made these.

The Bachelor returned with a new crop of drunk and vulnerable women. Here are some gifs to go with your vodka-soaked tampon.

Dance Moms' two-step teacher, Abby Lee Miller, getting schooled on our set.

Great bad rap video? Or the greatest bad rap video?

We're starting a petition to The Biggest Loser to allow these heavyweights on the show.

From Around the Web:

Miss Alabama Katherine Webb becomes the new face of college football. Announcer Brent Musburger becomes the new face of creepy uncles.

The official national portrait of Kate Middleton was unveiled, and it'd look a lot better on crushed velvet.

Middleton Portraits

Also, this already exists. Of course.

Middleton Portraits

A New York Times article about Lindsay Lohan suggests she's terrible to work with, and ice melts when heated.

Jeopardy held its first-ever online auditions for people who frequent the internet. "This blows your Grandma." "What is aYouTube video?" 

If you're watching the Golden Globes this weekend, you'll need to at least be as wasted as the presenters. Here's how to do it.

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