Ryan Gosling Pancake

Katherine Kalnes; John Shearer/WireImage

Executed by culinary wizards and artistically gifted deep-fryers, a new trend nods to the happy gluttony of our time by fusing together what we consume the most: Celebrity culture and saturated fats.

There's no twice-baked Beyoncé potato with a side of deep-fried Donald Trump coconut balls, yet! But grab your iPad and my eating pants, because here comes a Ryan Gosling pancake:

1. Ryan Gosling Is Two-Dimensional

Ryan Gosling Pancake

Katherine Kalnes

2. The Other White President's Meat

Soup, George Washington McNugget

 3. Never Say Cleaver

Soup, Justin Bieber Meat

4. Heart Murmur Hotel

Soup, Elvis Bacon

5. The Milking of Jeremy Lin

Soup, Lin Ice Cream

So what'll you have, then?

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