The massive amount of funny submissions we received this week is comparable to the amount of back hair currently clogging The Razorback's drain. We thank you for your contributions. If you didn't win this week's contest, we hope we at least restored your belief in centaurs.

Soup Razor Back X2

With no further delay, our winner is…

Lex Georgeou: "Icarus' illegitimate brother....the one they never talked about!"

Congratulations! But don't think that winning a LIMITED EDITION SOUP T-SHIRT comes without responsibility. If you happen to cross paths with your local Razorback, it is now your duty, as proclaimed by someone who sits on a cloud here at E!, to gently place the t-shirt over his shoulders. You are now his guide, and must protect him from the cruelty in this world, along with a hideously shaped sun burn.

Enter this week's "Caption This!" for your chance to win a Soup t-shirt. Which you can then use to cover up your back hair with, so no photos of it show up on the internet.

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