In an alarming segment on CBS2 News, we met job-hungry Jose, who was ready for a top-notch interview. He stayed calm, made eye contact, and he didn't even bring any friends! But, looking back, the whole day just seemed so blurry…

Once Jose returned home, he realized he'd completely forgotten his portfolio! There it was, sitting right on top of his meth lab.

Soup Local News X2

Because we don't have a staff member hiding out in every city, just waiting to snag TV gems from your hometown, we're afraid we might be missing out on all the Soup-esque moments breezing by on your local news and morning shows. Think of it of as our compulsion…clip hoarding, if you will.

So here's a way to enjoy your local news while adding more Soup t-shirts to your extensive collection…

If you're watching your local news or morning show, and something strikes you as off, funny, or weirdly inappropriate, please post a link to our wall on Facebook. We will then play it on a giant screen for the entire company, and vote through a very complex method involving blindfolds and Beethoven's Symphony No. 9.

Along with your link, please include the date when it happened, where in the clip it gets funny (a time code would be great), and why. We want to make sure we truly understand your innate sense of all things The Soup.

If we air your clip on The Soup, or post it on, we'll send you a limited-edition Soup t-shirt, which you can wear every time you see it presented by Joel, featured on our blog, or stare mindlessly slack-jawed into the middle distance of E!.

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