To enter a "Rename This Video" contest is much like joining the circus. You hope that amidst the lion tamers and contortionists, your beard gets the praise it deserves for clashing with your gender. We noticed every shining submission, we were very impressed, and we thank you.

And the winner is…..

Derek Conrad: "Hangers gonna hang"

Congratulations! And if you'd like, once you've received your Soup t-shirt, please send us a photo of you wearing it, if only so we can jumpstart your career as E!'s in-house t-shirt model.

Anyone else interested in the very real - we definitely didn't make it up - E! t-shirt model position, head on over to this week's "Rename This Video" and try your luck. Oh, and there is no E! t-shirt model position, but you could win a shirt and model it for your cat.

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