Love is in the air! 

The Royals' Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) has received a few lovely Valentine's Day gifts from some American royalty to help her celebrate early. No holiday is complete without a few secret admirers that come bearing lots of gifts (especially when those gifts include a free car!).

Queen Helena receives a basket full of orange goodies all the way from Washington, D.C. "Let's open gifts from my many admirers. What have we here?," Helena says while rummaging through a gift basket she was sent. "Cheese, clementines, orange soda, orange peppers and a bag of cheese puffs. Wow, someone really loves orange." Hmmm...we wonder who that was from? 

Next, she gets the gift of a gold crown from the "American queen," addressed to her "favorite single lady." Sounds like the perfect Valentine's day to us! 

Watch the video above for all the hilarious gifts, including a car from her "friend 'O'" and a "swift" gift from someone with a lot of baggage!

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