After Asiah Collins' girl's trip to Cancún ended in a brawl with Crystal Smith and her friends, she was looking for a little down time, but the drama followed her home.

On the season finale of The Platinum Life, Asiah returned to L.A. where she filled Nazanin Mandi and LoLa Monroe in on the crazy fight.

"They're acting so ghetto in the middle of this beautiful resort in Cancún. When I tell you that families were jumping out the pool and running," Asiah trailed off.

Both Nazanin and LoLa were taken aback by the drama, but LoLa wanted to hear Crystal's side of the story before she finished putting together the guest list for her listening party.

The Platinum Life, Asiah, Crystal


"It's just too much at stake," LoLa explains after questioning Crystal about the drama in Mexico. "At the end of the day we all have businesses. I can't mix the drama into it."

Crystal insisted that it was Asiah and her girls that started it. And while she promised she'd come correct to LoLa's listening party, she couldn't promise that she'd keep away from conflict.

"I'm sitting here telling you right now that I'm not here for that," Crystal shared with her. "Now if she wants to go outside, if she wants to handle whatever, then I will have to act accordingly." 

La'Myia Good, Eric Bellinger, The Platinum Life


While the other ladies were talking drama, La'Myia Good was gearing up for a special date night with husband, Eric Bellinger.

"I got something special, like seven o'clock, I'm gonna text you the address," Eric hinted.

Complete with rose petals and a private serenade, Eric and La'Myia proved that the fire is still alive in their marriage.

"I am really just relishing this time with my husband. These are the moments that are really special and really count," La'Myia gushed.

Next up was LoLa's listening party, and while the ladies came through in their flyest outfits, someone was noticeably absent from the event. To avoid the drama, LoLa disinvited Crystal from the party.

"Now that I've gotten disinvited to LoLa's party, I'm all by myself. But, I'm in my own happy place in the kitchen and I'm doing what I love to do, no matter how hard it is for me right now," Crystal said with tears in her eyes.

With the Cancún craziness out of the way, LoLa's listening party went off without a hitch.

"It feels so good to finally get this music out for anyone to listen to," LoLa beamed.

See everything that went down in season finale in the recap video above!

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