Crystal Smith did not come to Cancún to play.

In this clip from Thursday's all-new The Platinum Life, Crystal decided to call out Alycia Bella for taking part in ragging on Asiah Collins' friend, Blanca.

"You was making jokes too. So, why was it all on me?" Crystal asked Alycia.

Though the clip shows Alycia laughing alongside Cyrstal, Alycia claims she doesn't remember joking around.

"To be honest, I don't remember making a joke. I know that I said pay it dust. I was really trying to get you to look past it," Alycia replied.

Alycia Bella, Crystal Smith, The Platinum Life


But, that version of the story didn't add up for Crystal.

"We both were clowning Blanco. Let's just be real Alycia, that's what we were doing," Crystal pressed on.

Alycia insisted that she was dragged into the messiness and suggested that maybe Crystal should've kept her mouth shut.

"Maybe you should've never said anything to me about Blanca," Alycia added.

Tired of trying to make nice, the whole ordeal left Crystal wondering one thing: "Why the hell am I here?" Crystal thought aloud.

Watch the messiness go down in the clip above.

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