Don't start something you can't finish! 

What was supposed to be a fun gathering of friends to celebrate Nazanin Mandi's swimsuit line turned into an all out dispute between Shantel Jackson and La'Myia Good on The Platinum Life.

During the conversation, when Shantel brought up their trip to St. Louis—which La'Myia wasn't invited to—La'Myia was less than thrilled with the convo. She even let out a major sigh of boredom before Shantel decided she had enough. 

"Girl, why is your vibe so off? You just throw us all off—just off!" Shantel shouted at La'Myia from across the table. "Can't we just have a good time?"

Although La'Myia tried to play it cool, Shantel wasn't here for it. "I don't know what she's talking about," La'Myia shared. "La'Myia is over there with the stank ass attitude," Shantel explained. "She's throwing the vibe off. She can leave with the bulls--t."

Uh-oh. LoLa Monroe tried to diffuse the tension without much luck. "I don't really know what is going on with Shantel and La'Myia, but this is my thing, tonight is supposed to be about Naz," LoLa shared. "If you come into a situation and you're not in the mood, maybe you shouldn't come."

No one is a big fan of La'Myia's bad attitude but Shantel isn't surprised that it has come to this. "I had a feeling that La'Myia was the real issue in this group," Shantel revealed. "I was right."  

See it all go down in the clip above! 

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