The claws are coming out! 

What was supposed to be a fun backyard BBQ, might turn into a grade-A ass whooping for Asiah Collins' friend Blanca. On this week's episode of The Platinum Life, Crystal Smith and Asiah are trying to bury the hatchet, that is if Blanca doesn't get in the way.

"I'm not a person who can just sit back so I feel like I need to go talk to her," Crystal says before pulling Asiah aside for a one on one. While all the girls are glad to put the drama behind them, Blanca is just getting started. 

"It's going to be a good conversation because a bitch will get dragged under this tent," Blanca tells everyone. "It's going to be all good," Shantel Jackson assures her. 

"I hope it is. I pray for it because I'm in a good mood," Blanca shared. While she was getting riled up, La'Myia Good tried to ease the tension. "It is going to be good. I don't even know where the negativity flew in from," La'Myia shared. 

See the dramatic moment in the clip above! 

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