Everyone has to start somewhere! 

If there is one thing the ladies of The Platinum Life know, it's how to hustle! Don't let the designer clothes and flashy jewelry fool you because it takes a lot of hard work to make it to the top, and when it comes to Asiah Collins and LoLa Monroe, they will never forget how hard it was to get here. 

"I come from a struggle and so does my other half," LoLa shared. "Just making it far and being accomplished...Just coming from where we come from defines the platinum life to me." LoLa, who is in a relationship with rapper King Los, had to pack up her things and move all the way across the country with her man to really make her dreams come true.

Asiah Collins, The Platinum Life


"We were best friends for a while before we linked up," LoLa explains about her relationship. "So I watched him go through a deal with Puff and I watched him really push and fight through us leaving the city and moving out of D.C. and at that point coming to L.A. I realized that this is the next level." 

She was right! The couple is still going strong and share 1-year-old son Brixton Royal Coleman but they are not the only couple that had to struggle to get here. Asiah and her husband Kid Ink understand as well.

"We're living a dream," Asiah shared. "We both come from the hood, not having much, and to see all of this unfold and living this lifestyle we never thought we'd have—that's platinum." 

See the ladies in all of their glory on The Platinum Life

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