Living the life of luxury! 

When you're in a relationship with one of the biggest stars in the music industry, nothing is off limits and everything is platinum. The ladies of the new E! show The Platinum Life know this first hand. So what exactly are the perks? Shantel Jackson invited E! along for the "platinum treatment" to see her man Nelly perform live at the Honda Center. 

Along with Alycia BellAsiah Collins and her husband Kid Ink, E! was treated to the VIP experience, which included private box seats, an all you can eat buffet and exclusive access to Nelly's personal tour bus. Of course, the ladies themselves arrived to the show in style on a lavish party bus! 

Shantel Jackson, Nelly, The Platinum Life


Between shots of tequila and dancing, these ladies lived it up. Even though this was a typical night in the life for these women, Shantel has to admit that it never gets old. "Every night is different," the star shared. "The music always creates a different vibe." It's safe to say, she never gets bored of watching her man do his thing. 

But when the tables are turned, Nelly is ride or die for Shantel and her dreams as well. "[The Platinum Life] is about them and dealing with us to a certain degree," Nelly shared. "But also having their own lives and their own dreams and things like that. Sometimes we have to pull back and support them."

As for what you can expect to see of Shantel and her luxurious lifestyle on the show, Nelly is hoping the world falls in love with her for the same reasons he did. "She's real dope and she's fun to be around," Nelly shared. "How can you not love a person like that?"

See what else you can expect on The Platinum Life in the clip above! 

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